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Date: May 19, 2022
Time 6:30pm to 8:30pm MT

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Discover what bankers don't want you to know and how you can finally take complete control over your money, your retirement and your life!

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In This Webinar You Will Discover...

The Wealth Equation: You will learn why I think this equation is a powerful way to describe the best financial strategy available today. 

Efficiency: You will look at areas where you may be struggling with inefficiencies (perhaps without realizing it. You will also explore the most efficient way to compare various places to invest money. 

Compounding: You will explore in detail the power of compounding growth. Very few people are taking full advantage of this powerful wealth building tool. You will learn how different kinds of interest can be used to your advantage. 

Control: You will look at the positive effects of having control over your money. I believe being able to control money in the short-term as well as long-term is a critical yet severely underutilized tool in most financial plans and strategies. 

The Controlled Compounding Strategy™: I am going to lay out what I believe is one of the most powerful wealth strategies that will put you on a journey to financial security and independence. I am going to look at why and how this strategy works. We are going to discover the most ideal place for you to save your money. Then, if I did my job correctly, you will know how you can have total control over your money today and in the future while also letting it grow with uninterrupted compounding.  

Limited to a Maximum of 20 attendees

The # 1 worry Canadians have today is running out of money!
Attend with an open mind and you will discover a whole new financial world.

About the Host

Caleb is the founder of Better Wealth, a company committed to financial education and coaching.

Growing up in a small Wisconsin town, Caleb had a typical childhood. Like many of us, he did chores, took part in charitable activities and hung out with friends. But one thing that made Caleb different was his devotion learning about money and fascination with how successful people became rich. At the age of 19, while studying business finance at the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point, he was promoted to lead the entire investment division at a local community bank. For more than two years Caleb continued to study the complexities of money and traveled across the country to learn from the industry's top financial advisors. It was on this journey that Caleb discovered the strategies and principles that empower anyone to create their own wealth. Caleb is not your typical financial advisor. He has a true passion for financial education and help people see and reach their highest potential.

About the Host

Jayson Lowe is the founder of Ascendant Financial Inc., a highly regarded coach, speaker and advisor to individuals and business owners nationwide.

Jayson leads a Team of Professionals, highly sought after for their expertise and commitment to the process of Becoming Your Own Banker, developed by the late R. Nelson Nash. This is evident in all areas of Ascendant Financial and its successful process, which works to help People achieve financial prosperity in both their personal and business lives. Jayson also works closely with Accountants, Lawyers, and Strategic Partners to provide unique and unrivaled solutions that maximize our Client’s wealth.

He is recognized as one of Canada’s top overall Advisors, author of several publications, and co-author of The Bankers’ Secret, a Simple Guide to Creating Personal Wealth for Canadians. Jayson has delivered hundreds of presentations to the general public, appeared on countless stages and interviews. He is internationally recognized as one of the leading educators and implementers of Becoming Your Own Banker, The Infinite Banking Concept.

The And Asset Has Already Helped Countless People Across Canada...

The Question Is, WILL YOU BE NEXT?

“A book that I highly recommend everybody watching this should read multiple times and hand out to friends”

Ryan Taft

Author, Speaker, Investor, Coach

“Jayson is super gracious and patient and got me all the right information. He is really good at making complex ideas simpler so we can all understand them. 

Matthew Hunt

Entrepreneur | Business Owner

“I've been let in on a secret that the wealthy and the financially free have been using for a long time”

Eric Welch

Speaker, Entrepreneur, Coach

“If you get a chance to work with Jayson Lowe, congratulations to you, he is one of the best in the industry!”

Frank Abate​

CPA, Chartered Estate Planner

“Caleb is one of the few people in the world I trust implicitly with his opinion and advice!”

Chris Kirkpatrick

Fortune 1000 Head of Insurance

“You will be hard-pressed to find anyone who knows this concept in Canada better than Jayson. You be hard-pressed to find anyone who is more approachable than him “

Andrew Murdoch

Digital Nomad | Consultant

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Limited Edition Special:
Get Your FREE Digital Copy Of Our New Book:
The And Asset For Canadian ($24.95 Value)

*Must attend the full webinar to receive