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Want To Know More About What The And Asset Is About?

Watch These Videos Breakdown On The Book

The Wealth Equation
(The And Asset For Canadians 1 of 3)

Compounding And Control
(The And Asset For Canadians 2 of 3)

The Controlled Compounding Strategy
(The And Asset For Canadians 3 of 3)

- Jayson Lowe
Ceo of Ascendant Financial

Not only is Caleb one of the most intelligent, honest, and authentic people that I know, his Better Wealth Blueprint, impactful in its results, can be the difference between a lifetime of financial bondage or a lifetime that is predictably abundant. And a predictably abundant financial life is not only peaceful, stress free, and more gratifying, but it also allows you to focus on what really matters… serving others.

How would you feel if you achieved a stress free, peaceful financial existence? It’s possible, and the solution, The AND Asset for Canadians, is easier than you think.

- Jayson Lowe
Ceo of Ascendant Financial

I remember going to a conference “Becoming Your Own Banker” with Nelson Nash and his institute, at which I had just founded my company BetterWealth and I was starting to put together the book the AND Asset.  I remember the most impactful speaker at the conference being Jayson Lowe. His wisdom and passion for serving people and carrying on the legacy of Nelson was incredibly inspiring. I remember him ending his talk with a powerful gratitude exercise which to this day still has made a big impact on my life. I had to muster some courage to go and introduce myself to Jayson during that conference, because I deeply admired his incredible passion, integrity, success, clarity and demonstration of gratitude. I had only hoped that one day our paths might cross again! I was then honored by the opportunity to reconnect with Jayson again shortly after and that is when I really got to witness Jayson just blowing people away on the process of giving people more control over their money. I knew that I had to refer anyone I knew in Canada to Jayson!

- Caleb Guilliams
Ceo of BetterWealth

What Is This Book About

Caleb Guilliams & Jayson Lowe

Hi, in case we have not met before, we are Caleb Guilliams & Jayson Lowe

and we help households and businesses transform their lives by taking back control over their money.

Let's be honest here. You've been there, done that, and got the tee shirt regarding financial advice. You've been told to put your money into things like stocks, bonds, mutual funds, commodities. 

We are here to tell you that if you have been handing control of your money over to someone else who thinks they can do better with it than you can… YOU MAY NOT BE IN THE BEST FINANCIAL POSITION RIGHT NOW! 

It's NOT your fault. 



The AND Asset For Canadians:

Picture a day When Financial Control is in Your Hands...

Not With A Bank, The Government or Risky Stock Market


The And Asset For Canadian Is A Playbook That Will Help You:

  • Become more efficient with your money and master control over your wealth.
  • Realize true lifetime UNINTERRUPTED compounding while paying less taxes and fees.
  • Discover the 16 Benefits of an ideal investment account & the best place you can warehouse your money
  • Live a life of freedom, knowing that you'll be protected until the day you die.

In this book you will discover:

The Wealth Equation: You will learn why I think this equation is a powerful way to describe the best financial strategy available today. 

Efficiency: You will look at areas where you may be struggling with inefficiencies (perhaps without realizing it. You will also explore the most efficient way to compare various places to invest money. 

Compounding: You will explore in detail the power of compounding growth. Very few people are taking full advantage of this powerful wealth building tool. You will learn how different kinds of interest can be used to your advantage. 

Control: You will look at the positive effects of having control over your money. I believe being able to control money in the short-term as well as long-term is a critical yet severely underutilized tool in most financial plans and strategies. 

The Controlled Compounding Strategy™: I am going to lay out what I believe is one of the most powerful wealth strategies that will put you on a journey to financial security and independence. I am going to look at why and how this strategy works. We are going to discover the most ideal place for you to save your money. Then, if I did my job correctly, you will know how you can have total control over your money today and in the future while also letting it grow with uninterrupted compounding.  

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Who Is This Book For:

Entrepreneur: This book will show you better ways to use your money in your business or entrepreneurial endeavors. 

Investor: Real estate, stocks, bonds, options, crypto currency, etc. This book will show you a better way to invest. 

High Income: Pay a lot in taxes, can’t contribute to a Roth IRA. This book will show you a better way to save more money and leverage your assets. 

Inexperienced: You might have just started thinking about saving and investing. This book will open your eyes to the possibilities of how to master money management. 

Experienced: You might be an experienced investor and have done very well with your money. This book will help you learn ways to enhance your wealth success. 

Retirement: Near retirement or already retired. This book will show you better ways to increase your wealth and preserve it. 

Family: Planning your next vacation or how to fund college? This book will show you a better way to save for the future while also getting to live well in the present with your family. 

Debt: Looking for ways to reduce or eliminate debt? This book will show you how to save more money and pay off debt at the same time. 

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The And Asset Has Already Helped Countless People Across Canada...

The Question Is, WILL YOU BE NEXT?

“A book that I highly recommend everybody watching this should read multiple times and hand out to friends”

Ryan Taft

Author, Speaker, Investor, Coach

“Jayson is super gracious and patient and got me all the right information. He is really good at making complex ideas simpler so we can all understand them. 

Matthew Hunt

Entrepreneur | Business Owner

“I've been let in on a secret that the wealthy and the financially free have been using for a long time”

Eric Welch

Speaker, Entrepreneur, Coach

“If you get a chance to work with Jayson Lowe, congratulations to you, he is one of the best in the industry!”

Frank Abate​

CPA, Chartered Estate Planner

“Caleb is one of the few people in the world I trust implicitly with his opinion and advice!”

Chris Kirkpatrick

Fortune 1000 Head of Insurance

“You will be hard-pressed to find anyone who knows this concept in Canada better than Jayson. You be hard-pressed to find anyone who is more approachable than him “

Andrew Murdoch

Digital Nomad | Consultant

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