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Frequently Asked Question

Q: Is there a medical exam required?

No Medical Exam Is Required. You will just be asked a few simple health questions.


Q: What if I have health issues?

Whether you have health issues or have recovered recently, this can be a valuable alternative for many Canadians.

Q: I don't think this is for me as I have Diabetes, High Blood Pressure or COPD.

You may still be eligible as long as they are well managed. An advantage of applying for this type of coverage is that it offers the flexibility to people with previous or existing health issues. Call or text us to find out if you are eligible.

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Peace of mind that your loved ones won’t be left with a bill, but instead a benefit that is tax free and paid quickly.

Different amounts of coverage available, starting at $5,000, depending on your needs.

Low cost insurance available from as little as $30 a month. Perfect for people on a limited budget.

We are a Canadian Company serving Canadians since 2008 and will always be looking to get you or your loved one the best coverage.