Ascendant Financial Inc – Financial planner

A financial planner is a professional who offers financial guidance to their clients. When determining a client’s investment portfolio, they usually consider a number of factors, including financial trends, a market’s regulatory risks, and the client’s willingness to make risky decisions.

It’s the responsibility of a financial advisor to make their clients comfortable when making certain decisions. They must build trust and be readily accessible to respond to concerns and answer questions.

Financial planners evaluate the financial needs and goals of clients, and help them buy or sell investments like bonds, stocks or mutual funds. They also help with taxes and insurance decisions. These professionals help individuals plan for both short term and long term financial goals, including saving for your children's college education and saving up for retirement.

Financial planners major in fields such as economics, finance, and accounting in college. Some opt to pursue an MBA or a similar advanced credential. The Certified Financial Planner (CPF) certification is one of the most widely recognized qualifications in financial planning. There are many other valuable certifications available, as well.