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A Video Course of Instruction

Learn the key concepts and principles taught by Jayson

Access to Private Facebook Group

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A Higher
Financial IQ

You are guaranteed to learn something new that will impress your friends

A New Money Paradigm

Gain a new perspective on how we view and use money in our lives

One on One Personal Coaching

Each individual who completes the course has the option to schedule a One on One session


We created a simple guide to follow along with as you watch the video

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#1: Becoming Your Own Banker ($24.99) - One Copy Included

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Hey I'm Jayson Lowe,

Your Personal Coach From Ascendant Financial

We are a financial education business committed to empowering you with the knowledge you need to create generational wealth.

Let's start with radically changing your financial situation first.

Let’s face it, you weren't taught anything in grade school on how to manage or grow your money.

Banks and other financial institutions rely heavily on your lack of education in order to make a profit.

You want the control in your hands instead of an institution that is more concerned about their bottom line than yours?

We have the solution here and we want to teach you how to Rethink Your Money Paradigm.

What is this about? Great question!

I can't give it all away but here are some things to know

Becoming Your Own Banker

Think about how much money your bank has made off of you over the years. Would you like to have some or all of that back? You'll learn how

Uninterrupted Compounding Growth

How great would it be to know that your money is always going up? We will show you a strategy to make that happen

Fix Your

The way you think about money is broken. It doesn't feel broken because we've been indoctrinated to one line of thinking. We will show you how to Rethink Your Money Paradigm​

100% Safe

No risk sounds too good to be true. A lot of things sound "too good to be true" until they are proven. We'll prove it

Not Typical

Conventional wisdom is broke. A wise man once said "If you want to be successful in life; observe the masses and do the opposite". You won't find this in any college textbook

Client Education

This is a foreign concept to most but it's something we should have been taught. We will teach you as much as you want to learn​