Why You Don’t Need a Professional Certification In Financial Services

Professional certification is an essential milestone in anyone's life. It may only validate your skills and is also another way to differentiate yourself from others, especially in the job market. However, when it comes to professional certifications in finance, do you need one to manage your finances successfully?

Many Canadians have always had the misconception that managing your finances effectively requires a certification. Or that you need to work exclusively with someone that holds a degree or designation. Well, contrary to what many presume, you don't need a professional certification in financial services to manage your finances, nor do you need to work with someone who does. Here's why!


why you dont need a professional certification in financial services

Does certification guarantee financial success?

Getting a certification does not guarantee that you will succeed in your financial life. First, you have to apply what you have learnt, and although this seems like an easy task, not everything in the financial world is crystal clear. Truth be told, some even fail when applying what they have learnt. A designation indicates someone has completed a course of study, but it does not mean they apply what they have learned or had the skills to take knowledge and implement it for their clients.

So what should you do? Give up? No, there's a better way that you can resort to; working with an experienced financial advisor and coach. Someone that you can work with who you trust, asks incredible thought-provoking questions, and helps you become active in your financial life is what you are looking for. Whether they have a set of fancy letters behind their name is not what matters. Instead, it's the way they communicate with you and help you realize tangible results. When you find a team of people that demonstrate this, you will likely find many clear google reviews on the incredible value they provide.  

Handling money is frustrating! When you think that you are doing everything right regarding financial matters, you soon realize that you are in for a ride. Fret not! Financial coaching and an experienced financial advisor will solve this problem.

Advantage of Professional Certified Coaching

An advantage of financial coaching is that it will help you understand how you spend all your money and set financial goals. In addition, through financial coaching, you will learn valuable skills that will help you manage your finances. Some of these skills include budgeting, saving, recognizing opportunities, implementing a profit-first approach to stable cash flow, starting a business, and getting your family engaged in multi-generational thinking exercises. 

An experienced financial advisor, regardless of any designation, can give you immensely constructive insights. Some of the things you can learn from the advisor include:

  • How to spot and define the correct areas specific to your needs where you can deploy capital for investment 
  • How to set financial goals 
  • How to save strategically and systematically
  • What financial risks are worth it
  • How to handle your debts

What Does an Experienced Certified Coach Bring to the Table?


Having worked with several clients before and being in the industry for quite some time, they can teach you how to implement proven strategies that work. Experience, mindset, and communication, as well as access to the essential resources you need, can outweigh any designation or professional certification.  Click here to learn personal finance Canada course with our team.

Additionally, the advisor will help you track your progress and find a way of improving each time. With a financial advisor by your side, you can say goodbye to procrastination. 

Furthermore, a professional certified financial advisor is also a confidant who can relate to and truly understands what you are going through financially.

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