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Bank on yourself – Retirement strategy facts

Bank on Yourself is all about obtaining a life insurance policy. Whole life insurance policy lets you invest money in a product free of tax that appreciates at a bigger rate compared to the rates offered by banks. How it operates: Individuals apply for a life insurance policy and then put money in it so they can spend it later on purchases or even retirement.

Bank on Yourself simply translates to putting in money and later borrowing from your whole life insurance policy, where you can repay at your own pace. It successively eliminates the banks and allows you to save money and borrow whenever you wish.

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Strategic Retirement – Bank on Yourself

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Advantages of the bank on yourself method

1. You are assured of Death Benefit with Participating Dividends that are Tax-Exempt.
The Bank on Yourself plan makes sure your inheritors get compensated when you pass on, just like all whole life insurance policies. On top of that, your life policy earns tax-free participating dividends during the time you’ll be alive. This dividend permits you to increase your policy to a sum that can assist in case you need cash for retirement and for bigger investments.

2. Predictability: We all know that we are supposed to have money in the bank for retirement needs, but most people have little or no time and resources to dedicate to acquire unique finances that fit our needs. There’s nothing perfect, and if it existed, it would take a lot of energy and time to discover it yourself and it probably would not work out. But with the Bank on Yourself method, you are assured of a secure future with no uncertainty.

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The banks will give you cash if you have a house, right? Chances are that they will lend you 60%-70% (standard).
Your home still increases in value if the bank lends you money with it as security. Borrowing against your home does not have a negative impact on its value unlike other lending institutions. Whole life insurance works just like that, except that a 90 percent value back can be given to you as a personal loan when in need. You also continue earning your participating dividend in its entirety even after borrowing in opposition to the policy.

Tax Advantages

The conventional retirement strategy has been unable to provide financial security, comfort, and calmness to the majority of the people. Do you need evidence? Even after the occurrence of the most extended bull market alongside an economic boom… The typical 65 year-old Canadian will live beyond their investments by nearly ten years, according to a recent study conducted by World Economic Forum (keeping in mind that the research was conducted long before one of the worst pandemics of all time, the Covid-19 pandemic – which has greatly messed up with people’s finances.)

According to an analysis of Survey of Consumer Finances Federal Reserve, the average household almost reaching retirement boasts approximately $135000 in all their retirement accounts-sufficient to give them a maximum of $600 each month. Most people have very minimal or even zero retirement savings besides these schemes and the home equity they have.
Even 65 year-old partners who are in good health are faced by a $500,000+ worth of health care expenses which comes from their pockets because Medicare does not cover them – nearly 400% above the amount saved by the average couple nearing retirement age, according to the 2019 Milliman Medical Index.

If you are one of the folks who’ve depended on IRAs, 401ks and similar schemes for retirement savings, you don’t have an idea what will be the worth of your retirement accounts when you’ll finally decide to utilize them. Add that to the prospect of losing 30%-50% of your whole life’s hard-earned cash in a market crash yet again.

Predictable and Guaranteed Growth

You don’t have an idea what rates will get taxed when tapping retirement savings. With the government’s largest stimulus initiatives ever plus the national debt hitting record levels, it’s obvious that the tax rates will only upsurge over time. According to the Centre for Retirement Research, around 25 to 33 percent of your hard-earned cash will also be lost to taxes even at the existing rates.

The only assurance WallStreet or Bay Street provides when the market crashes is they receive their money whether you earn yours or lose it all. No matter the circumstances, they don’t lose. What more evidence is needed to show that traditional investments and retirement tactics are no longer effective?

Fortunately, there are some effective ways of saving for retirement that can last much longer and cost much less that than you expect. However, money-lending companies, banks, and Wall Street want to keep it a top secret from you.

Flexibility and Liquidity

The majority of the people are employing the Bank On Yourself strategy to gain life financial stability and have abandoned a system in which odds are piled against you.  Bank on Yourself allows you to bypass Bay Street by offering you a genuine retirement plan option – bypass the banks and finally, secure your financial freedom. It can work for anyone, irrespective of age, earnings, or financial position, to meet their lifelong financial goals without taking unacceptable risks.

Bank on Yourself relies on a unique and supercharged model of a lesser-known asset that appreciates in value every time there’s an economic upturn for over 160 years: a dividend-paying type of life insurance.

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