Keep Taxes Away From Your Wealth

For High Income Earners and Corporate Business Owners

Date: June 16 at 6:30pm to 8:30pm MT

What is covered during this event:

High Income Employees and Business Owners are the most disadvantaged when it comes to the Income Tax System. They pay the highest rates of taxes on their income and wealth. Most Canadians focus on building their wealth by accumulating multiple assets without realizing the Government have mechanisms in place to take up to an alarming 50% of your wealth in the form of taxes.

For Corporate Business Owners, they can be exposed to pay in the form of taxes at least 70% of the value of their business at death. This is the very business you’ve worked so very hard to build while employing Canadians.

What if there was a way for you to Keep Taxes Away from Your Wealth by building your own wealth in a system that is generally OUTSIDE of the Canadian Income Tax System when properly designed and implemented.

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We believe in serving you, especially in this tough time, and we hope you get the best out of it.

Discover what bankers don't want you to know and how you can finally take complete control over your money, your retirement and your life!

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Attend this free educational session to:

  • Learn how the Canadian Income Tax System is designed and structured
  • Learn about the “5D’s” of Taxation – these are concepts, tools and strategies to minimize your tax burden
  • Discover a simple tried and true system of wealth that has been working for over a hundred years and can be implemented personally and corporately
  • Discover the warehouse of wealth that can be used legally to severely minimize your tax burden
  • Discover how you can have your money working for you while at the same time use it without having the same restrictions of it being locked in financial prison compared to other conventional vehicles
  • Enjoy a lifetime of safe and predictable financial growth without the financial rollercoasters of a temperamental stock market especially when you want to use it for retirement.
  • Discover how you can leave behind a tax-free legacy to those you care about instead of leaving behind a tax burden for your family or estate to take care of.

Limited to a Maximum of 20 attendees

Attend with an open mind and you will discover a whole new idea of what you are capable off.

About the Host

Jayson Lowe is the founder of Ascendant Financial Inc., a highly regarded coach, speaker and advisor to individuals and business owners nationwide.

Jayson leads a Team of Professionals, highly sought after for their expertise and commitment to the process of Becoming Your Own Banker, developed by the late R. Nelson Nash. This is evident in all areas of Ascendant Financial and its successful process, which works to help People achieve financial prosperity in both their personal and business lives. Jayson also works closely with Accountants, Lawyers, and Strategic Partners to provide unique and unrivaled solutions that maximize our Client’s wealth.

He is recognized as one of Canada’s top overall Advisors, author of several publications, and co-author of The Bankers’ Secret, a Simple Guide to Creating Personal Wealth for Canadians. Jayson has delivered hundreds of presentations to the general public, appeared on countless stages and interviews. He is internationally recognized as one of the leading educators and implementers of Becoming Your Own Banker, The Infinite Banking Concept.

About the Host

Sarbloh Gill

Sarbloh has been educating, coaching and mentoring Households and Business Owners nationwide to take control of the banking function as it relates to their needs, to recapture the interest that you're presently paying to banks, to credit card and finance companies for all the things that you need throughout your lifetime.

One important teaching lesson for him was – that we cannot get a better rate of return investing into anything without 1st controlling the banking function in our life as it relates to our need for financing.

About the Host

Henry Wong

Henry started out as an Accountant back in 2006 where he believe he was set on the right path to financial freedom. After moving up the corporate ladder and following traditional advice, he found out that he wasn't getting ahead and still stressing about finances. In 2016 he reached a breaking point and realized that what he was doing wasn't getting me any further and it was no longer making any sense to me. He had no control over accessing my own money while taxes and inflation were killing my ability to build my wealth!


After discovering the process of Becoming Your Own Banker and with his strong accounting background, he is now on this journey to educate, coach and mentor Households and Business Owners nationwide to take control of the banking function as it relates to their needs, to recapture the interest that you're presently paying to banks, to credit card and finance companies for all the things that you need throughout your lifetime, AND an ASSET that grows uninterrupted.  All, in a tax advantaged way.


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Keep Taxes Away From Your Wealth​

For High Income Earners and Corporate Business Owners