Transition of a Real Estate Portfolio at Death

Don’t forget your Estate’s New Creditor, The CRA

Date: October 27th at 6:30pm to 8:30pm MT

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Why attend?

  •  Understand what happens at death when an individual owns real estate rental properties.
  • Understand the tax implications resulting from the transfer of the assets to our children
  • Discover a possible solution to deal with the resulting tax liability


It's time to keep your hard-earned money, time, and investments within the family and we want to show you how to do so. 

  • Build a tax free retirement income source using dividend paying life insurance 
  • Enjoy a lifetime of safe, predictable financial growth and lifetime access to cash
  • Face your future with cash confidence
  • Protect large retirement account balances from being decimated from future tax hikes that may be on the horizon 
  • Uncover why dividend paying participating life insurance is a BIG missing piece in your retirement, tax, and estate planning
  • Understand why having retirement savings isn't enough 
  • Go on the offense so that possible future tax hikes don't eat up your retirement security
  • Access a lot of tax free cash all without triggering taxes or having to sell other valuable property
  • Take advantage of all the uses of dividend paying life insurance, while you're alive and after you're gone

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About the Host

Frank Abate is a Chartered Professional Account (CPA, CA). He also holds a CFP designation (Certified Financial Planner), and TEP designation (Trust and Estate Practitioner Designation). Frank’s professional designations, along with his years of experience as a Tax Advisor (Primarily with Owners of Private Corporations and High Net Worth Individuals) have provided an excellent foundation for the area of advice he currently focuses on.

Frank acts as an independent advisor specifically in the area of Estate Planning with Life Insurance. Given Frank’s extensive tax expertise, the solutions he offers clients focus on ways to maximize transitions of wealth to loved ones, while minimizing taxation on death.

Frank works with numerous financial advisors across Canada dispensing advice to their clients, with a good portion of his time being spent working with the Ascendant Financial team and their clients.

Business owners and high net worth individuals tend to pay large amounts of tax throughout their lives. They typically receive outstanding accounting and tax advice related to their short term needs, however, when it comes to planning for the long term including estate planning, I see a gap in the advice being offered. Clients understand the fact that on their passing, taxes will need to be paid.

Typically, they are accepting of this potentially gigantic tax liability at death since they have not been shown ways to mitigate or eliminate it. I really enjoy working with these clients to find out what their goals are, and provide solutions to efficiently and effectively achieve those goals. The underlying objective is to ensure we leave more to our loved ones, a specific charity, etc… and less to the government in the form of taxes, while never losing sight of our primary goals on passing!

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Transition of a Real Estate Portfolio at Death

Don’t forget your Estate’s New Creditor, The CRA


Bonus: FREE Digital Copy Of Our New Book
The And Asset For Canadians ($24.95 Value)

*Must attend to receive