Paul Lancaster

Why do I love my job?

I love how good it feels to be part of such a great, supportive team. Right from day one I have always felt that every member of the team looks out for each other and wants to see their fellow team mates succeed. 

When I’m not at work, you can find me....

In the kitchen cooking for my family, watching the Leafs or the Blue Jays with my wife or hanging with my 2 kids, whether it's running around the yard playing sports or getting beat at their video games.

How does what I do impact others?

By supporting my team they are able to focus on providing incredible service to our clients and help them achieve their financial goals.

2 favourite things about your life journey so far?

  1. Getting married to my beautiful wife and building a wonderful family and life together.
  2. Watching my amazing kids grow and learn each day and teach me new things all the time

What type of clients do you enjoy working with?

I enjoy clients who are enthusiastic to share their stories and are focused on achieving their financial goals. It's incredible to see how even though many of our clients share similar goals, their stories of how they got to where they are, are always so different and interesting.


What I'm Really Like