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What if I tell you there is a way that your wealth will GROW every single day...

without relying on the Banks, the Government or some Risky Stock Market?

YOU want to grow your wealth… To live a debt free life… Achieve your financial goals… To create a legacy…

But with all the noise in the marketplace, you don't know which way is the RIGHT way to grow your wealth.

You are told time and time again that you have to RISK your money in order to grow it… That's just not true.

You have been told to put your money into things like stocks, bonds, mutual funds, commodities.

You have been told to put your money into the extremely volatile yet promising cryptocurrencies.

You have been told to put your money into investment real estate as it will give you a stable source of cashflow.

To grow your wealth and create your peaceful stress free way of life financially, you don't have to do ANY of that.

Hi, I am Jayson Lowe

14 years ago I was introduced to the process of Becoming Your Own Banker, The Infinite Banking Concept.  Life for my family and I before implementing this process was a life of debt, stressing about money, handing control of my money over to someone else who thought they could do better with it than I could.  

What an experience that was … it was NOT the path to growing wealth and more importantly keeping the wealth in the family, for my wife and my 4 children, all that has changed.    

Fast forward 14 years later, and life for my family and I after implementing the process has been transformational.  My wife Rebecca and I took a 40 year amortized mortgage, eliminated it in 7 years, saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in interest, are living debt free and do not rely on a commercial bank for anything other than the
convenience of debit.  
If I can do this, so can you … I've been educating, coaching households and business owners nationwide to take control of the banking function as it relates to their needs. This means recapturing the interest that you're presently paying to banks, to credit card and finance companies for all the things that you need throughout your lifetime.  

And this all started because we took CONTROL OF THE BANKING FUNCTION as it relates to our need.

If you want to grow your wealth.. The first step is to


in your life.

It doesn’t matter whether you are 

  • Looking to invest money in things like real estates, cryptocurrencies, stocks
  • Looking to finance the things you need to start or expand your business
  • Looking to pay of your debts or your mortgages sooner
  • Planning for your retirement to ensure you don't outlived your money

The very first thing you need to control is HOW you go about financing the things you need in life and where the money is flowing too. 

This is not about addressing the yield of an investment and this is not an EITHER/OR situation where you 

  • EITHER control the flow of your money OR invest in the stock market 
  • EITHER control the flow of your money OR invest into real estate
  • EITHER control the flow of your money OR save for your retirement

What we are describing is AS WELL AS

  • Control the flow of your money AS WELL AS invest in the stock market 
  • Control the flow of your money AS WELL AS invest into real estate
  • Control the flow of your money AS WELL AS save for your retirement

We are talking about building wealth at the most fundamental level, which is to first control the banking function as it relates to your needs.

When you do this.. You will ALWAYS be growing your wealth… regardless of what is happening in the economy, the stock market, in politics.

That is the truth.

You will be able to create guaranteed cash flow and achieve UNINTERRUPTED COMPOUNDING on your money.

Even when you are…

  • Paying off your children’s education
  • Financing your next holiday
  • Paying off your mortgage
  • Buying your next car
  • Finding the next investment to invest in.
  • Investing in your next rental property
  • Insert what you want to use your money for

You won’t have to worry about

  • Stock market risk
  • Investment risk
  • Global pandemics
  • Government intervention
  • Exposure to excessive tax risk
  • Or any external risk that you have to take

Are you READY to take

Become Your Own Banker

and implement the Infinite Banking Concept For Canadians

So what is this about?

This Wealth Accelerator Package is brought to you by Ascendant Financial where we will dive deep with you on how you can take total control of the banking function through the process of Becoming Your Own Banker, the Infinite Banking Concept for Canadians.

This will teach you how to regain TOTAL financial control and no longer reply on someone else to create the financial abundance that YOU deserve today.

In this Wealth Accelerator Package you will learn how to..

  • Become more efficient with your money and master control over the creation and accumulation of your wealth.
  • Realize true lifetime UNINTERRUPTED compounding your money while shielding your money from taxes and fees.
  • Discover the best place to build your warehouse of wealth
  • Live a life of freedom of time, money, purpopse and relationship, and be protected while you alive and leave a legacy when you die.
  • Get access to real life case studies of real people utilizing this process to live their peaceful stress free way of life financial and create a life of abundance for themselves, their families and their businesses.

Here's What You Get Instant Access To:

Here's a Full Detailed Breakdown of what is in the Wealth Accelerator Training:

Becoming Your Own Banker Bootcamp Series

Total Value: $150

You are probably familiar with our Becoming Your Own Banker webinar, and this is the advance series where we dive deeper into what Becoming Your Own Banker is all about (which thousands of our clients have attended). We use to charge $150 per attendee for someone who was interested to come to one of our Live Bootcamp.

In this series, we will be sharing with you what the problem really is. We will be deep-diving into topics such as

  1. There is only ONE pool of money
  2. The 4 Characters in the Financial Play
  3. Understanding The Golden Rule when it comes to building your wealth
  4. Going through The Grocery Store Example
  5. Who is the banker in your life today?
  6. Understand how the BANKS make money, and how it can be you instead.

We will be also sharing with you what the perfect solution is and how you can create your own banking system and accelerate your wealth with the following topics:

  1. The perfect investment
  2. Nelson Nash's 5 Golden Rules
  3. Creating your own banking system
We will be going through with you real life/client's case studies where we will dive into the numbers and show you the process of Becoming Your Own Banker live in action.

Becoming Your Own Banker Chapter Deep Dive

Total Value: $97

With the #1 best selling book titled “Becoming Your Own Banker”, we will be doing a new special series the “Becoming Your Own Banker Chapter Deep Dive”. This will teach you on how you should be reading this book to get the most out of it!

The AND Asset For Canadians (Digital Copy)

Total Value: $24.99

Ascendant Financial and Better Wealth have strategically partnered to bring this message to Canadians Nationwide. The secret way to save and use your money at the same time. You are your greatest asset. Your number one investment should be in yourself!

The And Asset For Canadian Is A Playbook That Will Help You:

  1. Be more efficient with your money and master control over your wealth.
  2. Realize true lifetime UNINTERRUPTED compounding while paying less taxes and fees.
  3. Discover the 16 Benefits of an ideal investment account & the best place you can warehouse your money
  4. Live a life of freedom, knowing that you'll be protected until the day you die.

Picture a day When Financial Control is in Your Hands… Not With A Bank, The Government or Risky Stock Market

Special Events Replay
and Case Study

Total Value: Priceless

Get immediate access to all our past special events replays and case studies that talk about how you can implement the process of Becoming Your Own Banker, the Infinite Banking Concept in the various aspect of your life. 

In these recording, you will see real life case studies showing how our coaches or our clients have implemented the process in their life. Some of the topics covered are mentioned as follows:  


  • Pay Off Your Mortgage The Smart Way: Discover how you can recapture the interest that you will be paying the banks and come out ahead financially while paying your mortgage
  • Enhanced Your Investing Returns: Discover how you can grow your wealth, pay less taxes and minimize your risk.
  • Lifestyle Banking: Understanding why banking is a lifestyle and how you can create your own banking function and grow your wealth through the process.
  • Insured Retirement Solution: Discover an alternative and stress free way to plan for your retirement that allow you to come out ahead better financially through this process.
  • Debt RecaptureDiscover how you can pay off debt while coming out financially ahead
  • Get access to future special event recordings and case studies that we carry out

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Exclusive Facebook Community

Total Value: Priceless

Get immediate access to our exclusive facebook community and network with likeminded individual just like you who has already implemented this process in their life. 

Becoming Your Own Banker Clarity Call

Total Value: $97

You will get to arrange a financial clarity call with one of our certified coaches to get a custom roadmap on how to grow your wealth.

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Summit Replay

Value: $297

Normal Price: $97

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Deep dive into the process of Becoming Your Own Banker at your own learning pace

Real Life Case Study

You won't just see us talking about it. We will give you real life examples that we or our clients have implemented.

Constant addition

We will be adding in new content from time to time to show you more examples and use case scenarios.

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