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Who This Is For?

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The War We Are On...

If you are wondering whether this is suitable for you, consider asking yourself these questions:

Are you frustrated with your current situation and constantly wonder what it takes to become a Top Producing Advisor Or Producer Group?

Or are you just looking for a change in MGA because Bob Smith told you that you will get a higher contract rate if you jump from one MGA to another?

We are at WAR and we are here to make a change. 

But the question is… Are you with us?

You are probably wondering now… “Why should I join MGAscendant when you are not going to increase my contract rate?” That is a fair question to ask, and here is my answer to you! 

Let's start with the problem…

In the current state of the industry, in the MGA space, advisors move from one MGA to the next primarily based on some form of increase in their contract bonus rate. So MGAs in the space are competing on rate. Because what you end up with from one MGA to another, you just end up with people shifting. One MGA ends up with another MGA's dirty laundry, that next MGA ends up with the other MGA's dirty laundry, you've got advisors moving around and all they're focused on is, well if I go from MGA A to MGA B, I'm going to get a 10% lift in my contract bonus rate.  

Guess what… 180% of a contract rate with ZERO production is still ZERO…

You can get a high contract bonus rate, but if you do not have sustainable business process in place, you are not going to reach the number of people that you want to serve or that income that you want to earned!

And with all the other MGA out there… there was never any discussion like…

“We will put you in a room once a quarter with top help you by actually helping you become a better advisor…” or “We will coach you to get your business off the ground, teach you how to get more appointments, close sales, create systems, etc…

How do I know?

The conversations in my humble 16 years in this business, whenever we had one MGA that was acquired by another (we had to move from one MGA to the next) the extent of the value conversation was, “well, you know, we have an annual conference and if you achieve X amount of FYC production, we'll bring you on a trip and you spend a few days golfing, going to a spa, shopping, or consuming alcohol and networking.” 

Their Goals Were Never About HELPING You Be A BETTER Advisor

If I have an MGA offering me the highest contract rate on day one, that shouldn't be a cause for celebration, that should be a red flag. Because my question logically to the MGA is, how do you purport that you are able to support me and help me grow into being a successful advisor if you're paying me the majority of the revenue that I would generate? Because you can't provide a stack of value at no cost. No business can do that. 

And look, a high contract rate 

  • doesn't put food on the table
  • doesn't hire the right who's to help you get the how's done

A high contract rate is just a high contract rate. That's all that it is. 

This Got To Change! And We Got The Solution

56% of our advisor team who are experienced are in the TOP SIX to TOP 20 overall producers in Canada

The remaining percentage are new to the team. The remaining percentage are new to the team. What trajectory do you think they're on? 

And most of the advisors that we have at Ascendant have less than eight years in experience in the industry. Most were only three years into their journey at Ascendant and they were already qualifying for Court of the Table very easily. 

And Guess what? 

Not one of them started at the highest rate, not one. They earned their way to the top while producing more than most advisors in the industry.

We Are Here To Help You BE A Better Advisor!

The Question Is… Are you with us?

The right additions to the Ascendant MGA are individuals, teams, producer groups who want to build a sustainable business that outperforms, that dramatically outperforms other individual producers or producer groups or AGAs who focus on the same products and services that they do. 

Well, how is that possible? 

Because we have 

    • Systems
    • Processes
    • Coaching
    • Platform

Where if the producer or the producer group or the AGA, if they execute to that, they're going to achieve a much higher degree of success. The proof is in the pudding. It is now for you to make your decision.

Meet the Ascendant Team

For us, going above and beyond is just the beginning.


We can write something to convince you. Why not hear it from our teammates on our team and be the judge for yourself?

Carrie Johnson,
New Advisor In Training 2024

At Ascendant Financial, the universe is the limit.

Lorraine Gomez,
Attendee - New Advisor In Training 2024

The Ascendant Team provides with you with a safe space to push yourself outside your comfort zone whilst uplifting you.

Sebastian Daniels,
Attendee - New Advisor In Training 2024

“The people provide an environment of positivity and support with a vision for growth.

Ryan Frey,
Attendee - New Advisor In Training 2024

The Ascendant Team has a recipe for success

Elizabeth Wall,

If you're somebody who enjoys learning you will receive phenomenal coaching from the best in the industry.

Ron Esteban,
Attendee - New Advisor In Training 2024

The Ascendant Team's culture is well aligned in achieving their goal of you making you feel at home.

John St Loth,
Attendee - New Advisor In Training 2024

“The people are amazing. They're so supportive both professional and personally and they always are there to lend a hand or just check in on you to make sure that things are going well!”

Neil Dietrich,
Attendee - New Advisor In Training 2024

The team is well connected and their excited to grow and they have such big goals personally and professionally.

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