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Our Dedicated Team of Advisors

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Our Client Services Team

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Our Operations Team

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Our Strategic Assistants Team

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Strategic Partners

Tim Dawson

Chartered Accountant

Frank Abate

Frank Abate

Trust and Estate Planner, Certified Financial Planner
Chartered Accountant

Compliance Designate

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Marketing Coordinator

(Manages campaigns, Strategic Partner Relationships and Integration)


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Jayson Lowe

Chief Executive Officer

Richard Canfield

Content Development & Podcast Co-Host

Sarbloh Gill

Special Operations

We are ALL accountable only to You.

Think about experiences that you've had that were extraordinary … like that delicious meal you had at a great restaurant, a show or performance you attended, or a beautiful hotel you stayed at where they went above and beyond —- any experience that truly made you feel special for being a Customer. 


We work hard everyday to give our Clients that same feeling when they do business with us. We believe in the importance of leading with education and providing good guidance at every stage of your financial journey. For our Clients, that means promises kept and financial peace of mind.


Our Clients work with Us to protect their Families and Futures. We are proud to be the # 1 Advisory Team to households, business owners and professionals. In addition to our in-house Team, we are backed by associations with expert Accounting and Legal Professionals. We rely on the good guidance of these Professionals to ensure that our unique strategies fully comply with best practices in business planning, as well as provincial and federal guidelines. We are licensed in most Canadian provinces, enabling us to easily facilitate planning situations nationwide. 

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