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The Infinite Banking Concept

This Is Nelson Nash:

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Released June 24, 2019, this production was financed entirely by IBC Policy Loans. The initial Screening of the film was at the Nelson Nash Institute Practitioners Think Tank in Feb 2019. Nelson, Mary and a very large contingent of family and friends travelled from all over to attend the screening and be with Nelson. There was 200+ people in attendance.

Nelson Nash - Film, Institute, Author

R. Nelson Nash graduated on March 27, 2019 a few weeks after his 88th birthday (read the official statement: Remembering Nelson Nash). He was loved by so many and his true impact can never be measured as more and more embrace The Infinite Banking Concept, read his books and of course watch this film. For more information on the Infinite Banking concept get the book here. I was grateful for so many things in the time I spent with Nelson and the day after the film screening I was privileged to spend some quality time with Nelson and Mary Nash at their home. He was proud of the film and what it may help accomplish in future for those that my watch. It was a true honor to be a part of its creation and to spent time with Nelson, Mary, David Stearns, Jayson Lowe, Jason Rink and the entire film crew.

Thank you for watching and getting to know the man whose legacy lives on in us. Please share this with others you feel can benefit from Nelson's Wisdom and be inspired by his character.

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Nelson Nash Institute

“This Is Nelson Nash: The Creator of The Infinite Banking Concept”

A film by the Nelson Nash Institute (

R. Nelson Nash was the creator of The Infinite Banking Concept, and the author of the book Becoming Your Own Banker. This film tells the story of Nelson Nash, a tireless advocate of personal liberty and free market economics, and his impact spreading the Infinite Banking Concept.

In 2018, less than one year before he died, he was presented with the Blinking Lights Award by FEE for his lifetime of accomplishments in promoting liberty and free market economics around the world.

This film highlights that event along with interviews with R. Nelson Nash, David Stearns (President, Infinite Banking Concepts, and Board of Directors, the Nelson Nash Institute), Austrian Economist Robert Murphy (Board of Directors, the Nelson Nash Institute) Carlos Lara (Board of Directors, Nelson Nash Institute).

This Is Nelson Nash: The Creator of The Infinite Banking Concept
Executive Producer: David Stearns Producer & Director: Jason Rink
Editors: Jason Rink, Keith Wahrer
Camera Operators: Jason Rink, Keith Wahrer, Matt Harris, and Ryan Hunts
Special Thanks: Jayson Lowe and Richard Canfield


More Info

History of Nelson Nash

Nelson Nash was born in 1931 and passed on in 2019, aged 88. He wrote the book “Becoming Your Own Banker” that introduced The Infinite Banking Concept (IBC). Nelson was privileged to fulfill his passion – he told me that in the past 20 years he has had a very fulfilling life.

Nelson shared his knowledge that inspired and left a positive impact on many people’s lives. His gift to us will be shared even with the future generations as we take on his legacy. He was also a great man with many qualities such as boiling down complex issues and making them understood by the ordinary man (woman).

Only a few individuals in the insurance industry equaled his understanding of economics as well as a safe money plan. That’s the reason I was devastated by the news of his demise.

He was a Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU) who had amassed in excess of 35 years’ worth of experience working as an agent in the life insurance industry. He also did business with The Guardian alongside The Equitable Life Assurance Society based in the U.S. In his profession, he attained numerous achievements like being inducted into the Equitable Hall Of Fame and also induction to the Million Dollar Roundtable for a lifetime membership.

Since “Becoming Your Own Banker” was published, Nash’s ideas have been embraced by investors aiming at avoiding losing in the financial market which takes longer in recovering, and individuals who are fed up with shenanigans involved in the banking industry.

Nelson educated individuals to “become their own banker” by managing the banking role belonging to their lives. Using a properly structured policy that pays dividends in whole life insurance, people can control how money flows within the properties they own without depending on external commercial banks and other money-lending institutions.

Precisely, people can accumulate huge “cash surrender values” in a single whole life policy or even more. Individuals practicing the Infinite Banking Concept can reach the company and request to get a loan direct from the policy in case they require to have a big purchase, like acquiring a piece of land or buying a car. The policy’s cash surrender value acts as security for the side loan offered by the company. Click here for more info on, What is Infinite Banking

Loans given by life insurance companies have more flexible terms compared to other financial lenders. For instance, if the land buyer fails to pay for his “land payment” for some time, the company will not come to auction his land.

Nelson shared his thoughts, feelings, and even used everything at his disposal to be able to come up with theories of the possibilities available for common persons to realize their goals using simple and secure financial cornerstones. Nash also realized some essential advantages of avoiding Wall Street and commercial banks that were understated and overlooked by most financial professionals such as, the potential of earning more interest, ability to obtain capital, and better management of a person’s finances.

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