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 What is the Infinite Banking Concept?

The Infinite Banking Concept is a process, not a product.  The whole idea is to recapture the interest that one is presently paying to banks and finance companies for the major items that we need during a lifetime, such as vehicles, property, investment opportunities, business equipment, etc.  At Ascendant Financial we teach the ‘’Infinite Banking Concept’’ which was conceived by the late R. Nelson Nash, the author of the best selling books titled ‘’Becoming Your Own Banker’’ and “Building Your Warehouse of Wealth”.  In these bestselling books, Nelson discusses the impact of financing with third party banks and lenders over a lifetime and how much wealth is permanently transferred away from your Family or Business.

Nelson also goes on to explain that “you finance everything you buy…you either pay interest to someone else or give up the interest you could have otherwise earned”.  The real power of The Infinite Banking Concept is that it solves for this problem and empowers the Canadians who embrace this concept to take the control back over their financing needs, and to have that money flowing back to them versus away. It is often misunderstood but this includes the cash purchases that one makes over a lifetime as you are still working with borrowed money, even when you pay cash for things.  This is called lost opportunity cost.  When you pay cash for things, you permanently give up the opportunity to earn interest on your own savings over multiple generations.  To solve this problem, Nelson created his own banking system through the use of dividend paying participating whole life insurance policies, ideally through a mutual life company. It has been called many things over the years including Infinity Banking, Cashflow Banking, The Perpetual Wealth Code, The Money Multiplier, and many other variations.


Infinite banking concept

Infinite Banking Concept Creator Nelson Nash

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Infinite Banking Concept

The tool that is used to implement Nelson’s Infinite Banking Concept, is a properly designed dividend paying participating whole life insurance policy, or a system of policies.  The money returned to a policyholder by the life insurance company if the individual forfeits the life insurance contract before it matures, or before an insured event happens, better known as total cash surrender value, acts as collateral for policy loans from the insurance company. The Policyowner has full contractual authority and so when a policy loan is requested, it is issued unstructured, meaning the policyowner controls the repayment schedule.  The insurance company places a lien on the death benefit for the loan balance and the entire cash value of the policy continues growing daily … uninterrupted.  The reason the life insurance company does not require (nor can they ask for) a repayment schedule, is the insurance company itself guarantees the collateral (the total cash value).  Policy loans are the best invested asset the life insurance company can have because they establish a guaranteed return and the is no risk of default.    

The life insurance policy is designed to cover the whole life of an individual, and not just to help their beneficiaries when the individual dies. That said, the policy is participating, meaning the policy owner becomes a part owner of the life insurance company, and participates in the divisible profit generated in the form of dividends.  Now I know what you’re thinking when you read the word dividend.  “Here comes Revenue Canada”.  That is not the case.  When dividends are chunked back into the policy to purchase paid up additions for no additional cost, there is no taxable event.  And each paid up addition also receives dividends every single year they’re declared.  Now you may have heard that “dividends are not guaranteed”.  That’s not true.  The only dividend that is not guaranteed is the one that hasn’t been declared yet.  Life Insurance Companies who sell participating whole life policies declare dividends one time annually, and when a dividend is declared, it is contractually guaranteed to be paid and it cannot ever be repossessed or lose value. 

The 3 Infinite Banking Secrets

Infinite Banking Secret #1


Access & Control

You can build your Retirement and have access to your Retirement Savings at the same time to use for every major Milestone of your families life!

Wealth Secret #2


Ultimate Flexibility

This Cashflow Management Strategy allows you to use money while saving it at the same time. It creates the perfect balance of wealth protection, storage and growth and you get total control over it!


Wealth Secret #3


Uninterrupted Compounding

The Infinite Banking process can protect you from the radical ups and downs of the markets and give you stable, constant growth on your money so you can sleep peacefully at night. Finally, a method to create dependable wealth


Benefits of Infinite Banking

The main advantage of the infinite banking process is that it creates a peaceful, stress free financial life.  It is a financial lifestyle, not a financial plan.  Other advantages are control.  Imagine having a pool of financial value that’s growing on a daily basis no matter what and being able to take advantage of opportunity that will track you down.  Another is the increase in cash flow or liquidity. The net worth of a life insurance policy standing in as security is has more liquidity, than, let’s say, equity in real estate, since the loan can be accessed without qualifying and the policyholder can get cash more quickly.

The development of a person’s cash flow can be remarkable, particularly in the onset of financial difficulties or unexpected expenses. If a policyholder is rendered temporarily jobless, either because they are sick, bereaved, or permanently jobless, a policy loan might also be useful in such a situation. This is because policies under whole life insurance fall in the category of non-correlated – simply meaning that they are not tethered to the fluctuations of a risky stock market, as they always maintain and grow in value.

Drawbacks of Infinite Banking

Infinite Banking has disadvantages too.  The first is thinking this process has anything to do with life insurance.  It doesn’t.  That being said, the policy or system of policies are the tools used to implement the process.  A person must either be insurable OR have a beneficial interest in someone else who is.   It’s also important to make sure that whatever premium you choose to deposit into a policy, that it meets 3 criteria. 

  1. It must be affordable and
  2. It must be comfortable and
  3. The death benefit must stand on it’s own and have merit.

In addition, if you’re not working with an Authorized Infinite Banking Practitioner, you may not be getting the best advice or coaching.  To implement this properly, you need a good Coach.

Infinite Banking Course

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Infinity Banking Expert

The Infinite Banking Concept is sometime mistaken or referred to as Infinity banking. Either way, we have expert financial advisors that can help you implement this concept in your life. Register for the Infinite Banking Concept training so that you can book a time with your own advisor. 

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