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Client Stories

Read Real Client Stories & How They Implemented the Process of Becoming Your Own Banker.
If you want to start implementing the process in your life…

From Allan & Janet Antonio:

It all began when…

One weekend Allan was listening to the radio station 630 Ched, the talk show “Talking to the Experts” and got excited about what he heard. Up until then we never had very good success investing our money and had lost significant amounts both personally and in our RRSP. We had decided to invest in real estate by purchasing 6 four plexes and had a mortgage on 3 of them.

Allan registered for the boot camp that was advertised in order to learn more. Janet went to Edmonton with him but instead of going to the boot camp went to West Edmonton Mall with our daughter. After the boot camp Allan couldn’t stop talking about what he had learned. He had bought a collection of books that were sold at the boot camp and we read all of them to get a better understanding of what was talked about.

Shortly afterwards we had a meeting with Jayson Lowe. Jayson was so nice to talk to and we felt that he genuinely wanted to help us. He believed what he was doing and he cared about other people. This showed instantly and we felt that we had come to the right place and trusted him completely with managing our financial goals. Jayson wanted us to think over our IBC plan before allowing us to purchase our first policies. The following year we bought another policy as well as a policy for each of our 4 daughters. We also purchase a policy for each of our grandchildren which we currently have 8.

After 3 years of building our policies we already had acquired enough cash value that we could withdraw enough money from the policies to pay off the bank mortgage on our rental real estate properties 13 years early. We set up a payment plan for our company to continue making the mortgage payments now to our bank in the form of our policies rather to someone else’s bank, thus capturing all the interest value for the next 13 years. That was a huge accomplishment knowing that we were now really using the IBC as it was intended.

When our oldest daughter and son-in-law decided to purchase their first home they were able to access a loan from her policy that we had started, and also funds from our policy to buy their home as a cash deal and not have to have a mortgage from a traditional bank. Currently they are making payments back to us for the loan instead of the bank, thus keeping with the idea of “Keeping the money in your family”.

We hope to be able to help our other children avoid taking a traditional mortgage when they decide to also purchase their homes. By the time our grandchildren are ready for post-secondary school their policies will have grown nicely to allow them to use that as a means to fund their schooling or whatever endeavors, business opportunities that they may get involved in. It will give them options, thus keeping with the idea of “passing on wealth to our future generations within our family”.

Our plan is to use our policies to fund our retirement and still be able to have something to pass onto our children and grandchildren.

The Infinite Banking Process is now providing financial security for us and for further generations of our family.

It definitely is a Win, Win, Win that everyone should consider.

Allan and Janet Antonio
Implementing IBC since 2012

From Dave Klein:

7 years ago...

A friend told me about the Infinite Banking Concept, and to be honest I felt it was too good to be true (I'm a very skeptical person when it comes to money as my father worked for 30 years for the CRA). He gave me the book Becoming Your Own Banker by Nelson Nash, and after reading it I was instantly doing more research on my own to poke holes in this novel, but exciting concept.

Once I couldn't find any holes, I made an appointment to speak with Jayson and after the meeting, my newly wedded wife and I each opened up a policy. For me the policy not only gave me the flexibility to eventually control my own banking system, but the death benefit was also something that I took as a very beneficial aspect.

6 years prior my then finances were killed in a car accident, and I did not want to leave my family with any type of finance burden if something were to happen to me.  Two birds with one stone was my thinking at the time.

1 year later we had a baby boy and took out a policy for him as well so that he could us it in loan form for education, car, house; really whatever he would need to borrow money for.

2 years after opening our first Policy we took out our first policy loan and paid off the bank loan on my wife's Subaru, redirecting the payments from the commercial bank to our family bank.

3 years later (year 5) we took out another policy loan andskipped the bank entirely this time, using the money to buy me a brand-new SUV outright.

In year 5 we also had another child and took out policy on him, as well as a second policy on myself.

With 5 policy now in force after 7 years our mortgage was coming up for renewal. Instead of renewing with our bank, we took out a policy loan from each of our 5 policies and paid off the mortgage. We now make the same payments as we did before, just to ourselves, and we will pay the mortgage off faster because of how the interest is calculated.

We can then reuse that money that would have otherwise left our family banking system for something else

Our family goal was always to pay off the mortgage and we honestly hadn't thought more after that about what we would do. After these 7 years I know that we have the freedom and flexibility to do whatever we want, whenever we want, on our terms.

That is a feeling I can't explain, but to say it is amazing. 

Dave Klein
Implementing IBC since 2014

From Justin Dubeau:

After hearing about his seminar through a radio advertisement...

I decided to take the plunge and find out about the Infinite Banking process. After that seminar, I was convinced that using a dividend-paying whole life policy was the safest way to grow money. 

Being able to finance ones own purchases without paying interest to a bank is great. 

Having a liquid asset that can be used at anytime is also wonderful. An asset that grows free of market or government interferences, unlike a TFSA or RRSP here in Canada, is even better. All of this, while knowing your loved ones are taken care of in the event of your death, are the biggest reasons why I practice the infinite banking concept.

Thank you Jayson, for bringing the information to the masses here in Canada.

The only regret I have, is not finding out about this sooner!

Justin Dubeau
Implementing IBC since 2016

After Reading These Stories, If You Want To Start Implementing
The Process Of Becoming Your Own Banker…

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Client Series

Listen to Real Client Stories & How They Implemented the Process of Becoming Your Own Banker.
If you want to start implementing the process in your life…

From Jonathan Proulx:

Join Richard and Jayson as they welcome back Canada’s # 1 Amazon Resale Coach, Jonathan Proulx.

Jonathan started his career in Northern Alberta’s oilfriend as a tradesman. After spending several years working for someone else, he realized that there were far better opportunities out there.

Fast forward to today, he’s a very successful entrepreneur and has created a course with his business partner to help others find better opportunity. Sit back, relax and listen to Jayson, Richard and Jonathan discuss how the Infinite Banking System has helped Jonathan create even more wealth inside his business.

Jonathan Proulx
Implementing IBC since 2015

From Curtis Arnold:

Joining Jayson & Richard today is long time friend & loving father, The Family Mortgage Guy a.k.a. Curtis Arnold.

Curtis has been a client & fellow Infinite Banking practitioner for just over five years. During this time, Curtis has used the available cash value to help fund his real estate business. Curtis, Jayson & Richard discuss the many benefits of Becoming Your Own Banker. Most people will be in disbelief until they actually do their research & see for themselves how life changing these policies can be.

Listen in to hear the importance of starting a Participating Dividend-Paying Whole Life Insurance for kids.

Curtis Arnold
Implementing IBC since 2015

From Borysa Struk:

Understanding how Participating Dividend-Paying Whole Life Insurance Policies work can literally be life-changing!

Take it from Borysa. She is the Owner of BOS Events and is an Experienced Event Producer and Consultant. Because of the Infinite Banking Concept, she has been able to stay calm, cool, and collected financially during this pandemic.

Tune in to hear Jayson, Richard & Borysa discuss the impact COVID has had on public events and how Borysa has been able to pivot her business with the creation of BOS Industries with the help of the Infinite Banking Concept.

Borysa Struk
Implementing IBC since 2013

From Fong Chua:

Today Richard and Jayson are joined by their friend and fellow Infinite Banker, Fong Chua.

Fong is an Amazon #1 Bestselling Author, Speaker, Real Estate Investor, Business Coach and Podcast Host. He has been his own banker for approximately 9 years now.

In those 9 years, Fong has been able to fund his real estate business and also help friends in need with the cash value he accumulates inside of his Participating Dividend-Paying Whole Life Insurance Policy.

Fong’s passion is to add value to others and help them unlock their true potential. Tune in to hear the trio discuss all the benefits that Infinite Banking brings.

Fong Chua
Implementing IBC since 2014

From Sandy Bard:

Here we are showcasing another wonderful IBC client. Joining Jayson & Richard today is fellow practitioner, Sandy Bard.

Sandy & her husband, Lance, have been practicing the IBC process for approximately 5 years. She has definitely become accustomed to making the Infinite Banking Concept a lifestyle with her daily progress tracking and, of course, with the implementation of the process itself.

Listen as Sandy boasts about the many benefits of having a Dividend-Paying Whole Life Insurance Policy, how it’s helped them through the pandemic & how it’s given them peace of mind.

Sandy Bard
Implementing IBC since 2016

From David & Trish Price:

Today Jayson is joined by clients, David and Trish Price.

Earlier in life, David & Trish were just like the majority of people. They believed in the “power” of RRSPs. Even though RRSPs helped them fund things like school for David, they were always left with a declining balance.

Enter the Infinite Banking Concept.

Now, David & Trish are basically debt free & they have stopped arguing over money! Isn’t that great! They have also passed on their knowledge to their family, friends & children.

David & Trish Price
Implementing IBC since 2017

After Listening To These Stories, If You Want To Start Implementing
The Process Of Becoming Your Own Banker…

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The Process Of Becoming Your Own Banker!
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