2019 - 2021



- Jayson Lowe, CEO

Countdown to achieving our vision


“The book that inspired me and changed my life, written by R. Nelson Nash.  He is a Mentor and Dear Friend with a lasting influence on my personal and professional life.  Nelson's advice, encouragement and guidance have inspired me to make sharing what he's created with others, my own life's work.” 

I'm sharing our Painted Picture with you in its original language, word for word.

Jayson Lowe, Ascendant's CEO



Welcome to our 2022 annual Kick off event.  Tonight, March 25, is an evening that we’ve all been looking forward to.  You are sitting by the beach in Puerto Vallarta.  You can hear the ocean waves hitting the shore.  The sun is setting and you feel the warm breeze.  You’re feeling goosebumps as you look around you, hearing the conversations and celebration, the laughter and the clinking of glasses.  You’re surrounded by Colleagues and Family.  You’re reflecting the pride you’re feeling.  You have played a role in doubling our business … and the journey isn’t over … Tonight I reread the painted picture, followed by a toast to every member of our Team, and to members of our Families who’ve joined us to celebrate turning our vision into reality.


In 2022, we reached an exceptional new milestone.  We have more than doubled our business.  Our Clients have fueled our growth and we are becoming widely known in every province where we do business.


Together, we have built something much bigger and better than any one of us could have built alone.  At Ascendant Financial, we take pride in being a hero to our Clients, in winning, accountability, thinking abundantly, and collaboration.

What a feeling it is to be winning.  We are the # 1 Company in the MGA & Life Company rankings.  We have earned countless accolades, testimonials and google reviews from Clients, and more than doubled our revenue.   

Our Collaborations have created a competition FREE ZONE for us.  Collaboration opportunities continue to appear everywhere.  We focus our energies on expanding our limits and collaborating with other like-minded individuals and companies to create value far greater than what anyone involved would be able to create on their own. 

We are quickly emerging as an admired organization, recognized not only for what we do, but for how we do it.  Our leadership shines.

We lead by thinking BIG.  Strategic Coach is woven into our company.  We’ve shifted from 10X to 100X thinking, by seeing the possible and committing to making it happen. 

We get things done with great Focus, Faith and Effort.  You authentically feel that being a part of our Team is Easy, Lucrative and Fun. 

Our Client experience is amazing.  Clients are engaged and are embodying IBC by practicing the process.  They’re sharing success stories and we celebrate their stories every quarter.  We have an online vault of learning resources, master classes and plenty of great content.


We are relentless in our pursuit to find the right People, to train them well enough to leave, but treat them well enough so they don’t want to. 

We all feel engaged and supported every step of the way.  When you look around, you’re proud of the People you work with.

We feel trust and alignment on our Team between Headquarters and the Field.   

We are results driven.  We love goals, the annual goal setting process and have the ambition to exceed them.  We recognize the example that sets for our Clients.  We recognize there is no such thing as unrealistic goals, only unrealistic timelines. 


People tell us, “I see and hear Ascendant Financial everywhere!”  Our marketing style and authentic approach has generated a real positive buzz in the marketplace.  As we continue to expand, everyone notices our focus on education, our results and our great People. 

Customers instantly trust our brand because of the hundreds of 5-star Google Reviews, Client Testimonials and Client Videos on our website.  We’ve received endorsements by recognizable / local / national celebrities.  When you look around you, you feel accomplishment and pride.


Our biggest unique advantage is how well and how often we connect with our Clients.  We tap into our process and resources to help Clients by actually helping them.  Our automation is hyper personalized and is tailored to their unique needs and triggers.

It is clear that our Clients LOVE Ascendant Financial. 

We see every interaction with our Clients as an opportunity to truly connect with them.  We notice moments of truth, we send several hand-written notes, we make outstanding first impressions, whether someone finds us online, calls or visits one of our offices, they’re simply wowed.

We think collaboratively, not competitively.  We contribute to the existing Practitioner community and we promote the Nelson Nash Institute. 

We deliver what we promise.  We’re committed to our Clients.  It shows in the ever increasing % of our new business coming from existing Client introductions.  It feels effortless.  A common phrase among us is “The referrals just keep coming in.”    

We grow the top line of our business without ever taking our eyes off the bottom line.  Our accounting formula is Sales – Profit = Expenses.  We want our business to be Easy, Fun and Lucrative.  Profit is not an event, it is a habit because by taking profit first, we’re forced to think smarter and innovate more to be the very best at serving our Clients. 

50% of our quarterly profit pool is allocated to giving to charities and non profit agencies that provide food, shelter, and care to those less fortunate.  You’re playing a role in blessing others lives in a positive way.  Right now, you feel a deep sense of gratitude for all the blessings in your own life and those around you.  Let’s raise our glasses and I’ll say “cheers to all that you do.”


Our search for continuous process and efficiency improvement is vital to keeping us on top and operationally sharp.  Systems and best practices are all documented across every part of our organization.  We “inspect what we expect”, especially when creating new systems, rolling out new tools, changing existing or creating new processes.  We have “zero tolerance for problems or badness of any kind” in our organization.  Once we identify a problem, we do whatever it takes to solve it.

Success means WINNING and CONTRIBUTING, being recognized, and having fun.  We work as a Team to paint this picture of making this vision real.  We support one another in reaching personal goals.  We celebrate each milestone along this journey of making the ordinary business of life insurance … exceptional

Jayson Lowe and Brian Scudamore

Picture above - Jayson with Brian Scudamore, Founder and CEO of 1-800-GOT-JUNK and O2E Brands

“On a flight to New York City in July, 2019 I read Brian's book titled Willing to Fail.  I was so inspired that I leaned over to my Wife Rebecca and said “I'm going to meet Brian someday, I don't know how but I just know it will happen.”  In November of that same year, I was at Joe Polish's annual Genius Network event in sunny Arizona and sure enough, Brian was there.  I approached him, introduced myself over a cup of coffee and we talked about how his philosophy around painting a picture of the future had truly inspired me.  In fact, I told him that I painted a word picture that included all the details of the dream we want to see come true at Ascendant Financial.  And when I wrote it, I felt so certain that I could actually see it happening.  During the conversation, Brian shared words of encouragement with me that I'll never forget.  When I was finished, I shared it with our entire Team and when I asked “I can see it, can you”? they shouted  “Yes, we are going to do this”!  I give Brian all the credit for inspiring me … putting it down on paper made it instantly more attainable.   And … IT'S WORKING.” 
Be Great, 
Jayson Lowe, CEO
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