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Becoming Your Own Banker
How To Grow Your Wealth Using This Financial Strategy

Becoming Your Own Banker – with Ascendant Financial

Becoming your own banker -Ascendant Financial INC

Becoming Your Own Banker is a financial strategy focused on your benefits not the banks. A way to grow your financial success using the power of time tested dividend-paying whole life insurance. It is not to be confused with  a sales or a marketing tool for the life insurance industry. Rather, at its core it is a mindset and habit creating process that helps families and businesses optimize their cashflow. Ascendant Financial has been teaching this concept and believes this information that should have been taught to Canadians over the last two centuries.

The life insurance industry, in general, has done a poor job explaining the vast benefits and financial control features of dividend-paying whole life insurance. R. Nelson Nash, the pioneer of the concept, recognized that during your lifetime your need for capital outlay to finance the things of life outweighs your need for a death benefit. That if you  implement his method using this historically proven savings tool, you can optimize your entire financial life and protect your loved ones in the process. Unfortunately, the life industry has chosen to concentrate their focus on the life insurance death benefit and have completely overlooked the financing abilities and total control that is available for Par policyholders. Unfortunately, most life agents don’t have a clear understanding of its practice and are simply not trained to coach their clients how to effectively implement it into their day to day lives.

Be Your Own Banker

Things would have been easier and more profitable if someone had taught us the principles of dividend-paying life insurance right out of the gate. These simple contractual elements have existed all along but the mentality that surrounds the world of finance has hindered people from recognizing and then teaching them to the general public. Now, Canadians are waking up to a world where they can experience a financial control and peace of mind that previously they did not know was possible. You can literally “live your life insurance” using this mechanism. It is about usage of cash that runs through our hands every month and year and making our hard earned money more efficient.

Banks and loan companies charge us interest and a ton of fees for the things we require in our lifetime, including, cars, houses, education, equipment and even our investments. They have taken the time to capitalize and build up a pool of money. Then we tap into their pile of money because we don’t have our own reservoir pooled up. They make the rules when it comes to repayment. They check our credit and ruin it when things don’t go as planned. During this whole scenario a lifetime goes by where our money flows towards the books of someone else’s bank. They make the rules and they control all the terms. Many have referred to this as a form of financial slavery as Canadians are shackled into the chains of debt with the easy credit practices of the modern world. Using the process of Becoming Your Own Banker we flip the whole situation to our favour. It starts with creating our own pool of financial value and becoming master of our own destiny. We control when we access capital. Best of all, we don’t have to ask permission, and have total control over when and how we make payments back to our banking system. Then we can access those payments to use again in the future. That includes our own retirement. The main idea is to take back the interest, fees, control, and lost time, the lost opportunity cost we would otherwise pay for such items.

Interest rates keep fluctuating, but the banking process remains constant. Banks record bigger profit margins when interest rates are low as compared to when they are high. This idea is not about investments, as many seem to think it is. Quite the contrary, this is about how one manages things of monetary value in life which may always include any potential investments. Those that embrace this process and are coachable, avid learners, can do much better on their lifelong financial journey by simply adding the process of Becoming Your Own Banker into the middle of what they are already doing.

The late R. Nelson Nash created The Infinite Banking Concept, which refers to a person controlling their cash flow by not borrowing from banks but from a financial entity they co-own. While this happens their capital continues to grow because it is never withdrawn. This creates a powerful lifelong compound effect.The dynamics of The Infinite Banking Concept work properly when a life insurance policy is optimized for cash value accumulation over a lifespan. It is very important to work with an Authorized Infinite Banking Practitioner who has mentored under R. Nelson Nash, completed a full course of study, and is thoroughly familiar with the concept. Even more critical is to have coaching from someone who implements this process successfully in their own life. To get the maximum benefit it is important to learn Nelson Nash’s 5 key principles of a successful private banker, you can learn more about these from our on demand training.

Our site has in-depth videos and articles on many topics related to the concept and the tools that help make it possible. This includes Participating Whole Life Insurance, paid up additions, tax free death benefits, insured retirement plans, corporate owned insurance, cash surrender value and many more. The materials explain in detail on how the insurance works but be very aware, the insurance is simply a vehicle for accomplishing an objective. Becoming Your Own Banker is a process and not a product. The product or tool of par whole life, when custom designed, is the means by which someone implements the process. If you really want to discover how Canadians are using this process, register for our training class to dive deep and get your questions answered.

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Advantages of Becoming Your Own Banker

Here are just a few if the key advantages for Canadians who want to be their own bank.

  • Your principal is safe and growth is guaranteed year after year.
  • You can access your equity whenever you choose and for whatever reason. There are no mickey mouse credit checks or restrictions like a typical lender has.
  • Your growth and distributions are not hindered by tax.
  • You can be protected from creditors using this strategy.
  • You can actually experience uninterrupted compounding on your money over a lifespan.
  • Your gains are locked in every year…they cannot be taken away from you.
  • You are insulated from the massive swings of the stock and real estate markets so your cash values do not go down.
  • When you need to use capital for any reason, the company you co-own continues to grow your funds daily.
  • Your family is protected for life an the protection continues to grow and pays out tax free when you are gone.
  • The feeling of control that it provides creates a peaceful stress free way of financial life.
  • The typical Canadian family or business owner can experience significant tax savings over a lifespan.
  • This is a multigenerational strategy that can leave a ripple effect that outlives you by a long shot.
  • You can setup a lasting legacy by being a steward of this process and teaching the next generation.
  • You can create passive income to enhance your retirement substantially.
  • You can create a tax free retirement income stream built on a foundation of guarantees by implementing this strategy.

Becoming Your Own Banker Process

The Ascendant Financial team is built on educating the Canadian market on the concept of Becoming Your Own Banker as Authorized Practitioners who learned directly from R. Nelson Nash. We assist you in truly taking back control of the banking function and empowering you to learn how this can be used in your own life. We educate and assist with structuring the policies tailor to your unique financial life. More importantly with our ongoing training, videos, resources, client portal and coaching method we are with you for life as your guide.

To be clear, this process is not a “get rich quick scheme”. It is actually the opposite, it is a fundamentally a way to build wealth that you harness and control for multiple lifespans. By working on the way we think about money and the flow of income and payments you can contain so much more of the cash that passes through your hands. The best financial tool you own is your brain… by first working on it you can dramatically improve everything else you are doing financially. Becoming Your Own Banker is not an insurance contract or financial tool, it is a way of behavior that shapes how you interact with your spending, purchasing and investing for the rest of your life. The specially designed high cash value whole life insurance contracts are just the vehicle to make it very efficient. It's Many people talk about the power of compound interest. However, most Canadians go through their life and never truly experience this miracle. Private family bankers who set up an alternate bank using mutual whole life insurance experience the joy of the composing miracle every day. Nelson Nash and his wife Mary did not see a traditional bank for 30 years before he passed away by using these key principles. He described it as “A peaceful stress free way of life when you get rid of the banks” – Nelson Nash.

Grab a copy of Nelson's bestselling book Becoming Your Own Banker Unlocking The Infinite Banking Concept today, start your learning journey and you can experience the same financial peace that so many Canadians are today.

Reserve Your Slot To Our Training To Discover
The Process Of Becoming Your Own Banker!
You don't have to rely on “someone else” to achieve the financial abundance you deserve today!

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