Becoming Your Own Banker
How To Grow Your Wealth Using This Financial Strategy

Becoming Your Own Banker – What to expect

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Becoming Your Own Banker is a financial strategy focused on your benefits not the banks benefits. A way to grow your future financial success and the potential of a dividend-paying life insurance. It’s neither a sales nor a marketing tool for whole life insurance brokers. It is information they should have spread in the last two centuries.

The life insurance industry has long neglected to satisfactorily address the benefits of dividend-paying life insurance. They’ve concentrated more on addressing the advantages involved in case of death and overlooked the financing abilities that are in store for the policyholders. Unfortunately, most life agents don’t have a clear understanding of its practice.

Be Your Own Banker

Things would have been easier and more profitable if someone had taught me the principles of dividend-paying life insurance. They existed all along but the mentality that surrounds the world of finance hindered people from recognizing and teaching them. This makes me very furious!

Banks and loan companies charge us interest for the things we require and use in our lifetime, including appliances, cars, houses, education, etc. The main idea is to take back the interest paid for such items.

Interest rates keep fluctuating, but the banking process remains constant. Banks record bigger profit margins when interest rates are low as compared to when they are high. It’s not all about investments, but how one manages things of monetary value in life which may include investments.
Nelson Nash created the “infinite banking concept” which refers to a person controlling their cash flow by not borrowing from banks but from themselves. The process of becoming your own banker is referred to as “infinite banking”. The dynamics of the “infinite banking concept” work properly if your life insurance policy is optimized for the highest cash value accrual.

Our site has in-depth videos and articles on Whole Life Insurance. The materials explain in detail on how the insurance works.Y

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Advantages of Becoming Your Own Banker

Your principal is safe and growth is guaranteed year after year.
In case of a chronic illness, you can receive some of your life insurance payments in advance, free from tax.
You can access your equity whenever and for whatever reason.
Your growth and distributions are not hindered by tax .
You are protected as a creditor.
You enjoy a growth rate that is very competitive (starts with a whole number).
You get a death benefit that exceeds your equity position, tax-free.

Ascendant Financial team can assist you in structuring the policy and will employ set policy making features and non-compulsory riders to give room for vigorous and early cash growth. Structuring the policy this way will enable a speedy monetary value increase and decreased commissions from agents.

Becoming Your Own Banker Process

It’s not a “ quick riches scheme”. It’s a process and demands for long term planning. You have to think past the era you are currently living in. Higher premiums produce better results. Sooner or later, you’ll be earning money that you don’t physically work for (passive income).
It’s all about the power of compound interest. As a self-banker you make more riches because your whole balance is always operating for you effortlessly in these tax-free surroundings. Let assets continue compounding in your private bank even when you’ve made a big purchase. This puts you a step ahead financially.

Reserve Your Slot To Our Training To Discover
The Process Of Becoming Your Own Banker!
You don't have to rely on “someone else” to achieve the financial abundance you deserve today!

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