Ben Copeland

Why do I love my job?

I am able to help people learn, and grow, and have the best life possible, something that everyone should have available to them.

When I’m not at work, you can find me....

Playing games or just spending time with my family and/or girlfriend. Doing an escape room or some other sort of brain teaser type activity. Working out or playing a drop-in sport such as tennis or volleyball. Relaxing and playing some video games.

How does what I do impact others?

I attempt to provide great service and help others do their best in life, whether it is teaching or listening I try to be what people need.

2 favourite things about your life journey so far?

Constantly growing, learning new things and making life better for others and myself.

The relationships that have developed with my family, my girlfriend, and her family, over time, and the relationships that will come and grow in the future.

What type of clients do you enjoy working with?

Clients who are willing to learn and grow and are attempting to do so, who are also willing to try something different.


What I'm Really Like