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Dan Allen

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Why do I love my job?

Working with people, teaching them how money works, empowering them to build wealth and to create a legacy for their families is a passion for me.

When I’m not at work, you can find me....

Hanging out with family and friends, especially my grandson's, fishing, playing tennis and being part of my Church family.

How does what I do impact others?

It enables individuals, families, and businesses to be able to manage the financial challenges of life. Over time, it provides financial freedom and allows them to live a life that aligns with their “why”.

2 favourite things about your life journey so far?

Sorry, but I can't cover that with just two: my beautiful partner, our children and grandchildren, and my faith in God..

What type of clients do you enjoy working with?

Opened minded, willing to learn something new, asks questions and is ready to educate themselves— who takes control of their own money. Someone who once they know how IBC works is willing to take action to make it happen in their life.

What do I love most about IBC?

It challenges the way we think about money. It's not mainstream, but if people understood what being in control of the banking function in their lives meant, they'd be lined up to learn about it.

How did I get into IBC?

I was introduced to the concept by a radio show that Jayson Lowe “Owner/Founder of Ascendant Financial” did in 2013. Following that up, I met with Jayson many times and attended an event in 2014 where Nelson Nash spoke, with the education I received and by seeing their sincerity towards this concept, I knew it was something for me.

What I'm Really Like

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