Thank you sincerely for thinking well enough of us to recommend that we be introduced to someone you believe will benefit from the gift of Becoming Your Own Banker. Our process is simple. Let us know who to send a welcome package to and where to send it. We'll take care of the rest

- Jayson Lowe, CEO

We invite you to read the letter that will be included in the welcome package that we'll send out to the Person(s) you refer

The Letter


You’re getting THIS letter because, someone cares about you a lot 🙂 and thinks you might be a good fit for implementing the process of Becoming Your Own Banker.

This package will give you a brief introduction to our company history, a brief overview of the process of Becoming Your Own Banker, and then will show you how to connect with one of our senior advisors for a introductory session.

My name is Jayson Lowe, and I’m the Founder of Ascendant Financial — the company that you have been recommended to.

With this letter, I’ve attached several instructional “assets” that you can read/watch through at your leisure to learn more about this process. These are:

• Your copy of the #1 best selling book Becoming Your Own Banker
• The Becoming Your Own Banker Masterclass
• Nelson Nash Film

 To fully maximize this letter, I ask that you pause briefly to request access to a few things. After all, you are reading this to discover whether we are a fit for you and whether you are a fit for us — so it’s best that you get full immersion in our world (and you will receive quite a bit of advanced training for free for doing this).

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11 years ago I was introduced to the process of Becoming Your Own Banker, The Infinite Banking Concept.  Life for my Family and I before implementing this process was a life of debt, stressing about money, handing control of my money over to someone else who thought they could do better with it than I could.  What an experience that was … it was NOT the path to growing wealth and more importantly keeping the wealth in the Family. All that has changed.    

Fast forward 11 years later, and life for my Family and I after implementing the process has been transformational.  My Wife Rebecca and I took a 40 year amortized mortgage, eliminated it in 7 years, saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in interest, are living debt free and do not rely on a commercial bank for anything other than the convenience of debit.  
If I can do this, so can you … I've been educating, coaching and mentoring Households and Business Owners nationwide to take control of the banking function as it relates to their needs, to recapture the interest that you're presently paying to banks, to credit card and finance companies for all the things that you need throughout your lifetime.  

Are you ready to create a peaceful financial existence for your Family or Business? 

If so, let's get started…

You’ve been introduced to us because someone who has experienced working with us, wants you to enjoy the privilege of experiencing the same thing.

That said, we’re exclusively focused on “what is the best outcome for YOU,” so rest assured, every interaction we have from here on out will be centered around what you want and how we can aid in whatever capacity is best.

Hope to talk with you soon.

Be Great,
Jayson Lowe, CEO


“The book that inspired me and changed my life, written by R. Nelson Nash.  He is a Mentor and Dear Friend with a lasting influence on my personal and professional life.  Nelson's advice, encouragement and guidance have inspired me to make sharing what he's created with others, my own life's work.” 

Jayson Lowe, Ascendant's CEO