Peter Lount

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Why do I love my job?

I get to help households and businesses to focus on their goals and passions by eliminating concerns about money. And whether you feel you are struggling or feel you are in a good position financially, I know we can help.

Through coaching people on how to control the banking function in their life we get to see people do a 180 with their money concerns. And we add velocity to those already in a good financial position.

When I’m not at work, you can find me....

At the hockey rink – coaching my daughter and son. Enjoying time connecting with family and friends. We're also just beginning our traveling adventures.

How does what I do impact others?

I feel like we enable entrepreneurs and families to get control back or add momentum to their life financially, allowing them to focus on their goals and not money.

2 favourite things about your life journey so far?

  1. My family – my wife and 2 kids, extended family and friends – we are growing together, learning new things and focusing on sharing our passions with others.
  2. Discovering that I love learning as I didn't really like the academics of school. It was just a few years ago that I actually found subject matter that energizes me. I started reading, listening to podcasts, attending events, conversing & teaching. I get to live this everyday now and once thought I wanted to retire ASAP, but now don't see any reason to stop growing as long as I am doing something I love.

What type of clients do you enjoy working with?

People who are open to learning new things. People who are not happy with the status quo and are seeking something better. People who want to build, collaborate, create and are open to being coached. Lots of people think they are stuck – but they really aren't!

Once they realize the magnitude of the amount of their money that just goes into the banking system and is gone forever from them, it is so powerful. Then to be able to show them a process that can help them to control and compound potentially all of their money in their OWN system before they pay anyone a complete mindshift.

What do I love most about IBC?

Living it! It's brought so much to my family and happy now to share with others what I have learned and have them live it as well. Each person has their own journey, need or want. We can help them in building a system that helps them fulfill their goals.

And it's not hard work – it's just about taking control of money through Becoming Your Own Banker. Be open to it, want it, live it.

How did I get into IBC?

I wasn't happy with my job or financial strategy and I was seeking more freedom and control in both areas – I was looking for alternatives to traditional methods and knew there was something better out there that I was missing as I was basically doing what the masses were doing and it wasn't working. It was my voracious appetite to seek and learn that led me to IBC and the Ascendant team. I practiced it in my own life for a couple of years before I decided to make the shift to becoming an advisor and so happy to have made the move so I can share, coach and mentor others!

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